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Japanese conference interpreting at the UN
Conference interpreting at the United Nations

Why Stacy Smith?

Stacy Smith is a New York City-based provider of top-quality Japanese interpreting, translating and writing services.  Stacy's first encounter with Japan was in her high school Japanese class, and she went on to major in East Asian Studies at Brown University.  Over the years she has built up a consummate understanding of the country's language and culture, enabling her to seamlessly traverse between Japan and the U.S. and serve as a bridge between the two.  Let Stacy put her knowledge to work for you!

Japanese interpreting for University of Tokyo NY Office

Interpreting at the University of Tokyo New York Office for presentations by professors from the Historiographical Institute of the University of Tokyo (HI).
(photo courtesy of HI)

Japanese interpreting at PERFECT DAYS event with Koji Yakusho

Interpreting at the New York Film Festival premiere of PERFECT DAYS with actor Koji Yakusho and screenwriter/producer Takuma Takasaki.
(photo courtesy of Julie Cunnah)

Japanese interpreting at an ikebana event

Interpreting for an ikebana (flower arrangement) event at Jazz at Lincoln Center.

Japanese interpreting for author Sayaka Murata at NYU event

Interpreting for Akutagawa Prize-winning novel Convenience Store Woman author Sayaka Murata at a New York University event.
(photo courtesy of Kanako Mabuchi)

Japanese interpreting at Japan Society

Interpreting for renowned Chef Kiyomi Mikuni at Japan Society umami presentation. (photo courtesy of Kaori Mahajan)

Japanese interpreting for a State Department IVLP delegation at a House sub-committee

Interpreting for a Department of State delegation at the House Committee on Science, Space and Technology's Subcommittee on Technology and Innovation.

Japanese interpreting for soccer superstar Keisuke Honda

 Interpreting for Japanese soccer superstar Keisuke Honda when he was designated as a Global Advocate for Youth by the UN Foundation.
(photo courtesy of Ayako Oikawa)

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